Comic Strip Frame

by Spinning Hat

What do Superman, Batman and your drunk friends all have in common? They’re all in comics! Relive the highlights of classic nights out with our action-packed Comic Strip Photo Frame. Just add wild pictures and some humour to create a personalised comic page for you and your friends to enjoy.

Each frame comes with a selection of speech bubble stickers and a pen so you can capture the witty banter again and again. It’s the collector’s print of your life framed in a clever cartoon strip for all to enjoy. Let your inner comedian wild as you pepper witty comments and commentary over the marvelous achievements and/or sloppy mishaps of friends and family.

Holds 6 photos
Includes 45 speech bubble stickers and a pen
Measures 6.2 x 0.8 x 10.8"
Imported from UK

₱795.00 ₱397.50

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