Summer Projects to Beat the Heat!

17 April, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

There's nothing like the summer heat to either make you waste the day away on your couch or push you off it and get moving. We're hoping you're more of the latter. :)
We believe that summer projects is what makes summer a beloved season-whether it's spring cleaning, scrapbooking, traveling or learning a new skill. Beyond escaping the heat, we believe that summer is all about expanding our horizons and heading into new directions.

So here's a list of what you can do to make this the best summer yet!

Have a party
A good old BBQ will cure just about anything. Have it beside a swimming pool and there's bound to be good fun all around. Bring our Ice Shot Glasses to make it the coolest party in town.

Learn to how to cook
Now that you're used to the heat, why don't you head to the kitchen? Put down those cameras and instead of taking pictures of good food, learn how to make it. Our Sparrow Serving Set will be right there to help you out in every step.

Create a better space
Do you remember all those times you've been "meaning" to go through your photos? And you've been meaning to have them printed? And you've been meaning to frame them? Well, NOW. IS. THE. TIME. Gather up all your favorite pictures and put them up on display with our gorgeous Stickr Frames. Best thing about it? There's no need for tools. Just stick them on the wall and if you're feeling antsy, easily peel them off and stick them somewhere else. 

So there you go! We hope that our small suggestions will keep on your feet and make this a rich and activity-filled summer. Have more suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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