The Skinny on the Mighty Wallet

Want to know more about the most innovative wallet ever? Here's the skinny on the Mighty Wallet.

Thin and expandable
The Mighty Wallet is the thinnest wallet you'll ever find. It is only 1/8th of one inch thick! Less bulk, more freedom.
Moreover, the Mighty Wallet can literally adapt to hold whatever you put inside. It's thin design can instantly hold more capacity as you fill it creating a custom size that is right for you.

Lightweight Wallet
The microfiber Tyvek® material allows for a lightweight wallet. Our stitch-less, featherweight design allows for maximum freedom. Finally – a wallet that won't weigh you down.

Tough Wallet

The Mighty Wallet® has incredible strength that must be seen to be believed. Watch our wallet reviews now in a series of cool videos on YouTube. We also have great Mighty Wallet® reviews as audio recordings from real Mighty Wallet customers.

Water-resistant Wallet

The fibers of the Mighty Wallet® are not paper but plastic so they remain just as strong wet or dry. The Mighty Wallet® can float on water if you’re only carrying a couple credit cards and ID.

Durable Wallet

Incredibly long-lasting, the Mighty Wallet® shown here was over 1 year old when photographed. Many customers give great wallet reviews regarding the durability and strength of the Mighty Wallet®. You can also check out our Facebook Fan Page for some amazing testimonials. 

Eco-friendly Wallet

The Tyvek® microfiber is made from 100% HDPE (High-density polyethylene) which is the second most commonly recycled plastic. 25% of the Tyvek material is recycled and it can also be recycled. Learn how to recycle Tyvek®.

Low Energy Wallet

Due to the low energy requirements needed in producing the Mighty Wallet it already has a low carbon foot print compared to leather equivalents. The Tyvek® material itself also requires low energy levels for production.

In addition, the Mighty Wallet has an innovative packaging that reduces its weight by 66% lowering its carbon footprint even more.

Green Wallet

We use SGS certified, environmentally friendly inks, and the Tyvek® material itself is non-toxic and ph neutral. Traditional leather wallets use harsh chemicals to tan and treat the leather, besides the negative effects that massive herding has on the environment.

Hanging from a Mighty Wallet