21 Days To Stop Tech Addiction

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Reduce the presence of techonology in your life in 21 days.

You want to break with your addiction to technology? You can do it.
A habit is a behavior which is difficult to change because it becomes automatic and emotional with time and regular practice. If this habit becomes a problem in your life, you need to stop it and substitute it for a positive one.
If you’re reading this text, you’re on the right way, as you’ve done the first key step: be aware of that bad habit. 
This 21-day program sets up a new routine with less presence of technology (cellphone, social media, etc). It gives you key tips that will help you to disconnect. Technology addiction can harm your social relationships. It’s worth changing. Stay strong, you can do it.

Measures 15 x 17 x 4cm
Imported from Spain

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