Flamingo Travel Cushion

by Gama Go

Our flamboyant Flamingo Travel Neck Pillow is a flocking awesome gift for those completely enamored with this majestically awkward bird + equally fabulous bird.
This snuggable huggable travel cushion is a terrific travel companion, on trains, plains, and automobiles! Whether you're headed for a tropical location or going on yet another business trip, this cuddly pal will give your head support as you nod off to lalaland.
A bold and showy gift for your favorite gregarious flamingal or guy! Not to mention he will look brilliant clipped to your luggage and will make it that much more easy to find in a sea of standard black bags!
Made of polyester
Filled with squishy micropellets
Measures approximately 14 inches long x 14 inches wide x 4 inches tall
Imported from USA


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