Mind Reader

by Paladone
Put your psychic powers to the test and astound friends and family with this brilliantly entertaining Mind Reader game. A fun-filled party game with comic book style thought bubbles to add a dress up element that the whole family can get involved in for a laugh-out-loud guessing game. Write an object, name, or animal in the thought bubbles provided, then place on your opponents head. When each player is wearing a thought bubble headband, players then try to guess the item that is written in their own bubble by asking 'yes or no' questions. The first person to guess correctly wins the game. 
The thought bubbles have a dry wipe finish and can be used again and again using the dry wipe pens provided.
Designed for 2-4 players, comes complete with 4 x thought bubble headbands, 2 x dry wipe pens and full easy to follow playing instructions.
Imported from UK

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