Rock On

by Luckies of London

Love music but hate searching for where you last left your headphones? Then Rock On is for you. This golden over-sized hand effigy captures the true spirit of Rock and makes any space stand-out from the crowd. Turn your room into your very own personal gig and never lose time untangling your headphones again! Whether you’re a fan of the 50’s, swinging 60’s or any style of music, Rock On allows you to keep your headphones to hand.

Warning: May cause excessive head-banging

Premium Headphone display styled as Rocker pose.
Over-ear headphone or wrap-around earphone holder.
Finished grooves to aid wire wrap-around
Weighted for a high quality feel.
Made of plastic cast resin
water based paint,velvet -free felt base.
Product:(H)11"x(W) 5.4"x(D)3.6"
Imported from UK


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