Scratch Map (Chalk Edition)

by Luckies of London
Ever had that all-consuming desire to write on your Scratch Map® poster? Us too. So ever the people pleasers that we are, we decided it was about time we created the Scratch Map Chalk® world map poster because sometimes removing the foil just isn’t enough.
Write your travel plans (or lover’s names) on the Scratch Map® Chalk poster whilst keeping track of the places you’ve visited by removing the foil. With a wipe away chalk pen, it allows for a little spontaneity/change of plan when you and your travel buddy decide to go separate ways…
Chalkboard pen included
For best result, do not write on foil
Material: paper, laminate, coloured foil and chalk pen
Measures  59.4 x 82.5 x 0.2 cm
Imported from UK

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