Sun Jar

by SuckUK 

Jam the sun in a jar and get free sunlight. The power of the sun right in the palm of your hand.

During the day, leave the Sun Jar out and let it charge by direct sunlight. Soon enough, you'll have enough sunshine to use at night.
The Sun Jar even lights up automatically when it gets dark. There's an override switch inside if you prefer to save the sunlight you stored.
Made with a traditional watertight Mason Jar, the Sun Jar can be happily left outside in any weather conditions.
A perfect garden light or nightlight for a child's bedroom.

Click here to for the skinny on the Sun Jar.

Made with a traditional Mason Jar
Includes a solar panel, rechargeable battery, LED light
Measures 10cm (W) x 10cm (D) x 16cm (H)
Imported from UK

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