Gift Wrapping


They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Well, you and I both know that never happens. So when you're planning to give a Quirk to someone, make sure to have all the necessary accessories to make your gift pretty and personal.

When checking out, make sure to request for any of the following gift accessories:

  • Gift Wrapping
    • Instead of using brand new, wasteful wrapping paper which will just end up in the trash after 1 use, we decided to reuse old magazines for our gift wrapping. 
    • Please note that we charge P10 every gift wrapping.
    • So how do you avail of our Gift Wrapping?
      • Add the product "Gift Wrapping" to your cart and let us know which items you want us to wrap in the notes section of the "Your Shopping Cart" page.
      • Make sure to add enough quantities for all the items you want us to wrap. If the number of items corresponds to the number of "Gift Wrapping", then we understand that all items will be gift wrapped.
      • Click here to go to the product page of "Gift Wrapping":
  • Paper Bags or Pouches
    • Because we're shameless treehuggers, we fold up old magazines and make tiny pouches for our tiny quirks. We'll provide bags only if the item is too big to fit into our earth-friendly pouches. Waste not, want not.
    • Our paper bag comes in 3 sizes and we'll provide you with the correctly-sized bag based on your order.
    • So how do you avail of our Paper Bags / Pouches?
      • In the request box in the "Your Shopping Cart" page, write "Paper Bags / Pouches please!". Let us know how many you need. We will only provide bags based on your order.
  • Gift Tags
    • Want us to include a handwritten note to the recipient of your gift? Tell us your message and we'll write it down for you.
    • Or we can just provide the gift tags and you can write your own personal message.
    • So how do you avail of our Gift Tags?
      • In the request box in the "Your Shopping Cart" page, write "Gift Tags please!" 
      • If you want to include a message, please let us know what your message is!
    All gift accessories will be provided only upon request, so make sure to clearly write down what you need.