The Making of the Manila Mania Mighty Wallet

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Back in 2010, we discovered an amazing wallet. It looked like your regular, old envelope, from the red-and-blue color scheme to its thin and paper-like material. Soon after, we discovered the company behind this one-of-a-kind item. It took was 1 email to Dynomighty to launch the "paper wallet" revolution in the Philippines. And now, we're absolutely thrilled to introduce the first locally-designed Mighty Wallet. And here's a peak at how it all happened.

After 2 years, over 40 designs and spawning enthusiasts, fans and imitators, our Mighty Wallets are still the most-loved "paper wallet" in the market. Introducing one spectacular design after another, we came to realize that we wanted a Mighty Wallet that was specifically for the Filipino, for our customer.

Looking for a design team to help with our vision was easy. We got our friends from Punchdrunk Panda, a local design/retail agency, to put what we wanted in concept to paper [wallet]. We knew we wanted a design that our customers can relate to and understand, like a secret language between all Filipinos. More than that, we wanted a design to promote our local culture. Rich, diverse and uniquely our own, the saying "only in the Philippines" doesn't have to be a put-down against our country. Instead we see it as an endearing way of describing our perfectly chaotic Philippine life, one that all Filipinos love to hate. But really none of us would want to have it any other way, because we know there's literally, no place like our Home.

With a concept in mind, artist, Kasey Albano, was a natural fit for us. Her pretty and colorful illustration style is the perfect avenue for us to translate our Philippine wallet concept. The design should be appealing, striking, lovable and of course, still have that signature quirky feel. 

So here's what we came up. Kind of awesomely perfect, right? We know.

Can you guess all the different icons? Go!

So say it with us now... Be mighty, Manila!


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